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Our Treatment Philosophy

At Woodgrove Family Dentists, we treat patients like we would treat our own family. We are completely dedicated to the comfort, well-being and total satisfaction of every patient who comes to our office. For your comfort, we have many patient amenities to make your dental experiences enjoyable and comfortable. Find the comforts of home like flat-screen TVs on the ceiling, video games for kids, pillows, blankets, warm, scented towels, complimentary beverages and a courtesy internet bar. Your comfort is our top priority. Woodgrove Family Dentists is the place where comfort meets care.


We respect your time. You deserve the expertise that fully accommodates your life and your dental health needs. We are committed to making sure you are always informed, always receive the best possible care, and always treated with a gentle touch.

We understand you are busy juggling all of your schedules with life getting more hectic every year. To help you schedule your dental care, we are open as early as 7:00 AM and as late as 7:00 PM. We also have family block appointments which will help in taking care of your family’s dental needs in as few visits as possible.

We do the exam and cleaning in one visit and will strive to accommodate simple procedures like fillings or crowns in the same visit. We value your time, and we do our best to finish all treatment in as few visits as possible.

Come experience the difference with our caring team!


Enjoy our unique amenities - flat-screen TVs, video games for kids, pillows, blankets, warm scented towels, complimentary beverages and a courtesy internet bar. While being treated, enjoy the heat and massage chairs, pillows and blankets to get comfy, watch TV while you sit in the chair and continue watching it while being treated looking at the TV on the ceiling. Your comfort and gentle dental care are our top priorities. Give us a chance to serve you; you won't be disappointed.

Our Technology:

We are always evaluating new technology to see if we can increase efficiency, and provide a better patient experience. Evaluating new technology not only increases efficiency, but it also helps bring the cost down in order to make dentistry more affordable for everyone.

Safety and Security:

Safety and Security are essential. Our office is neat and clean and provides a safe and nurturing environment for everyone. We strive to exceed the federal and state guidelines for dental offices. Our office is audited and monitored by us to ensure OSHA and HIPAA Regulations are being met.

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