How Our Team is Handling COVID-19

At Woodgrove Family Dentists, we are dedicated to our patients’ health, safety, and well-being. Our team follows the latest CDC guidelines and takes every precaution to ensure your appointment is comfortable and safe. Here is what you can expect during your next visit.

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Enhanced Sterilization Practices

From the tools we use to the air we breathe, everything is thoroughly cleaned following the latest CDC protocol.

  • Our office has a dedicated sterilization area, featuring the latest innovative technology to keep our instruments clean and ready to use for your next visit.
  • Our team sterilizes all tools, instruments, and equipment between use. All tools or items labeled as one-time use are disposed of immediately to maintain a clean, safe environment.
  • We wipe down all counters, chairs, doorknobs, registration materials, and other high-touch surfaces between uses. Our team regularly disinfects throughout the day using approved products. We also fog our office three times a day with an FDA-approved ULV fogging solution that deactivates viruses in the air.
  • Our air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems use air scrubbers that clean the air every 12 minutes.
  • We use medical-grade air purifiers in all treatment rooms and our patient waiting area.

Social Distancing & Office Safety

Our office observes social distancing to keep our patients and their families safe.

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  • All patients and visitors are required to wear a mask.
  • All patients and visitors are required to have their temperatures checked at the door.
  • When you arrive, we ask that you call our office and wait in your car outside. We will call you to let you know when we are ready to see you.
  • You will be asked to fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire upon arrival.
  • Only one patient is permitted at a time. If the patient is a minor, we request only one parent or guardian accompany them during their appointment.
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Health Screening & Team Safety

Our dental team takes every precaution to keep all of us safe.

  • All team members are required to have their temperatures checked at the door every day. Any team members with signs or symptoms of illness will be sent home.
  • Every member of our team is fully equipped with PPE during each appointment. This includes gloves, gowns, surgical masks, glasses, and face shields.
  • Every member of our team stays up-to-date on all CDC guidelines, education, and training.

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